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D.H. Lawrence en YouTube


'Gloire de Dijon', 'In a Boat', 'Cherry Robbers'

'Gloire de Dijon'

WHEN she rises in the morning
I linger to watch her;
She spreads the bath-cloth underneath the window
And the sunbeams catch her
Glistening white on the shoulders,
While down her sides the mellow
Golden shadow glows as
She stoops to the sponge, and her swung breasts
Sway like full-blown yellow
Gloire de Dijon roses.

She drips herself with water, and her shoulders
Glisten as silver, they crumple up
Like wet and falling roses, and I listen
For the sluicing of their rain-dishevelled petals.
In the window full of sunlight
Concentrates her golden shadow
Fold on fold, until it glows as
Mellow as the glory roses.

'In a Boat'

SEE the stars, love,
In the water much clearer and brighter
Than those above us, and whiter,
Like nenuphars.

Star-shadows shine, love,
How many stars in your bowl?
How many shadows in your soul,
Only mine, love, mine?

When I move the oars, love,
See how the stars are tossed,
Distorted, the brightest lost.
—So that bright one of yours, love.

The poor waters spill
The stars, waters broken, forsaken.
—The heavens are not shaken, you say, love,
Its stars stand still.

There, did you see
That spark fly up at us; even
Stars are not safe in heaven.
—What of yours, then, love, yours?

What then, love, if soon
Your light be tossed over a wave?
Will you count the darkness a grave,
And swoon, love, swoon?

'Cherry Robbers'

Under the long, dark boughs, like jewels red
In the hair of an Eastern girl
Shine strings of crimson cherries, as if had bled
Blood-drops beneath each curl.

Under the glistening cherries, with folded wings
Three dead birds lie:
Pale-breasted throstles and a blackbird, robberlings
Stained with red dye.

Under the haystack a girl stands laughing at me,
With cherries hung round her ears--
Offering me her scarlet fruit: I will see
If she has any tears.




Lady Chatterley's Lover

Adaptación dirigida por Pascale Ferran (2006). Ganadora de 5 premios César:

Mejor Actriz (Marina Hands)
Mejor Fotografía (Julien Hirsch)
Mejor Vestuario (Marie-Claude Altot)
Mejor Película (Pascale Ferran)
Mejor Adaptación (Pascale Ferran, Roger Bohbot, Pierre Trividic)

Women in Love

Adaptación dirigida por Ken Russell (1969), con Alan Bates, Oliver Reed, Glenda Jackson y Jennie Linden. Ganadora de un Oscar a Actriz Principal (Glenda Jackson).

The Virgin & the Gypsy

Adaptación dirigida por Christopher Miles (1970).


Coming through (1985)

Con Kenneth Branagh como D.H. Lawrence y Helen Mirren como Frieda von Richtofen.


Sister, tha knows while we was on the planks
Aside o' th' grave, while th' coffin wor lyin' yet
On th' yaller clay, an' th' white flowers top of it
Tryin' to keep off'n him a bit o' th' wet,

An' parson makin' haste, an' a' the black
Huddlin' close together a cause o' th' rain,
Did t''appen ter notice a bit of a lass away back
By a head-stun, sobbin' an' sobbin' again!

---How should I be lookin' round
An' me standin' on the plank
Beside the open ground,
Where our Ted 'ud soon be sank ?

Yi, an' 'im that young,
Snapped sudden out of all
His wickedness, among
Pals worse n'r ony name as you could call.

Let be that; there's some o' th' bad as we
Like better nor all your good, an' 'e was one.
--An' cos I liked him best, yi, bett'r nor thee,
I canna bide to think where he is gone.

Ah know tha liked 'im bett'r nor me. But let
Me tell thee about this lass. When you had gone
Ah stopped behind on t' pad i' th' drippin' wet
An' watched what'er 'ad on.

Tha should ha' seed her slive up when we'd gone,
Tha should ha' seed her kneel an' look in
At th' sloppy wet grave--an' 'er little neck shone
That white, an''er shook that much, I'd like to begin

Scraightin' my-sen as well. 'Er undid her black
Jacket at th' bosom, an' took from out of it
Over a double 'andful of violets, all in a pack
Ravelled blue and white--warm, for a bit

O' th' smell come waftin' to me. 'Er put 'er face
Right intil 'em and scraighted out again,
Then after a bit 'er dropped 'em down that place,
An' I come away, because o' the teemin' rain.

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D.H. Lawrence en Bookshop

En Bookshop (sucursal Montevideo Shopping) se pueden encontrar los siguientes títulos de D.H. Lawrence:

The Complete Poems of D.H.Lawrence
The Virgin and the Gipsy & Other Stories
Lady Chatterley's Lover
The Rainbow
The Plumed Serpent
Women in Love
Sons and Lovers

Precio: entre $120 y $190

O también, The Selected Works of D.H.Lawrence (incluye novelas y cuentos)

Por consultas, pueden preguntar por Santiago Pepe, compañero de cursos anteriores, que trabaja en la librería y nos brindó la información.

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Página oficial de D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence
University of Nottingham

- Biografía y línea del tiempo (con fotos)

- Tour virtual por East Midlands (Eastwood y Nottingham). Se incluyen lugares de interés biográfico o a los que se hace referencia en sus novelas y cuentos.

- Información sobre The D.H. Lawrence Research Centre (University of Nottingham)

- Links